Laser Pigmentation and Sun Damage Treatment


Excessive skin pigmentation is a result of the production of melanin. This excessive pigmentation can be the result of a number of causes including excessive sun exposure, hormones, skin trauma, and congenital conditions.

This unsightly pigmentation can now be treated effectively with lasers. The type of treatment used will be dependent on the type of pigmentation. Different lasers are used for different types of skin pigmentation and skin types.

The IPL technology works by lasers targeting cells and causes damage to the area. This damage promotes a wound-healing response in the skin, without a major tissue build-up. After treatment, the skin begins to rapidly produce new skin cells, which replace old and damaged areas of skin.

C02 Lasers can provide dramatic improvements for sunspots and offer long-lasting results with the least amount of treatment. The intensity of the laser is adjusted on an individual basis and thus offers the practitioner a wide range of flexibility in minimizing the appearance of sun damage on the skin.

Fractional Laser uses pinpoint, computer-guided precision to create micro-channels in the skin. This initiates the body’s healing response by stimulating new collagen and elastin production, while the surrounding skin remains intact for rapid healing. Fraxel laser offers a less invasive wrinkle reduction treatment, while also targeting scars and discolouration, giving you fresher , more evenly coloured skin.

Laser Pigmentation and Sun Damage Treatments

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