LPG Endermologie


Endermologie® is a 100% natural, non-invasive, and painless face and body treatment using vacuum therapy and rolling. The endermologie technique is based on mechanobiology that, using patented high-tech mechanical processes, will address mechanical stimuli that will transform into cellular stimulation and trigger a biological response from cells (fibroblasts, adipocytes, septas). This mechanical stimulation reactivates cells within the skin, awakening them naturally and painlessly. The treatment is delivered by LPG endermologie aesthetic devices which work to reduce lines, wrinkles, and reshape the face and body.


LPG endermologie devices provide a response from deeper within the skin by kneading and manipulating subcutaneous fat cells. This stimulation causes the adipocytes (fat cells) to start eliminating fat–a process known as lipolysis–and improve the appearance of cellulite. Meanwhile, the fibroblasts activate new collagen and elastin production for firmer and more supple skin.

Circulation and lymphatic drainage can both be improved through deep manual stimulation, which has a number of benefits. Improvements in lymphatic drainage can help to flush toxins from the body, minimise puffiness, aid in weight loss and even boost the immune system for general health. So not only can endermologie session help you to look better with smoother and firmer skin, but you’ll also feel fantastic too.

The benefits of deep manual stimulation are not new knowledge; it’s just that scientific research and improving technology are now making mechano-stimulation available to people on a much wider basis. LPG’s patented technology has been developed in France to provide consistent, deep stimulation to target areas such as the thighs, buttocks, stomach, and arms for effective and sustainable minimisation of cellulite.


At your first endermologie treatment, your therapist will take you through a comprehensive assessment. This will help develop and tailor a program suited to you. At each session after your initial assessment, the therapist will check in with you and asses your progress.

An endermologie treatment will usually go for a duration of 30 – 60 minutes depending on what part of the body is being treated. You will be required to change into an endermowear suit for body endermologie, which is a thin, stocking-like material that is specifically designed to get the best out of the endermologie mechanism. It also ensures you feel comfortable throughout the length of your treatment.

During the endermologie treatment, you will feel a gentle suction and massaging motion from the treatment head. This is pain-free and quite relaxing. The power of the suction and massage will be monitored by your therapist and adjusted according to your needs.

At the start and end of your treatment, your therapist may apply the relevant LPG endermologie cosmetics. These formulas are made to suit and target certain treatment types and areas of concern.

Risks & Complications

No heat, no cold, no waves, no scalpel, no side effects, no pain, no injections, no fibrosis, no cell death, no chemical products. Endermologie is a natural treatment that respects the skin and body. Whilst there is no risk in undertaking treatment, it is important that you let your therapist know if any of the below listed items relate to you.

Strict contraindications to endermologie® include:

  • Cancer in progression
  • Infection or skin rash
  • Disease with inflammatory eruption
  • Anticoagulant treatment
  • Blood disease
  • Herpes
  • Organ transplants (kidney, liver, etc.)
  • Kidney failure
  • Cosmetic surgery (ask for a medical certificate)
  • Injections (wait 2 weeks)

People with hypothyroidism, diabetes, or undergoing a long-term corticosteroid treatment respond less to treatments. In case of doubt, please consult your general practitioner or your attending physician.


How long will it take to see results?
You can expect to see results from approximately one session for the face, and three for the body. Thanks to the reactivation of the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, your results then keep improving after each session. For quicker results, sessions can be scheduled several times a week at the beginning of the program (the fibroblast can be constantly stimulated). The first month is important to trigger the process at the skin level. After that, one session per month is enough.

Is it painful?
No, the treatment is very pleasant. The settings are customised depending on skin sensitivity. After the first few minutes, you can feel a “cellular awakening” and the acceleration of blood circulation. The skin is re-oxygenated, and a feeling of well-being sets in. It is a unique sensory experience!

What differentiates endermologie® from other techniques?
Traditional facial and body treatments are limited by their superficial action. Other techniques can damage the skin or have side effects. The endermologie technique “mechanises” the skin naturally, painlessly, and without any risks for visible results. LPG’s 30 years of experience and countless scientific studies are also a guarantee of remarkable effectiveness that stands out in the complex world of beauty solutions.

Will the results last?
The best way to answer this question is with a metaphor: exercising two weeks during your summer vacation won’t keep you fit for the rest of the year, will it? The same is true for your endermologie sessions. During the attack phase (2 sessions per week for 1 month), the goal is to send enough messages to our slimming cells to create a sustainable cellular awakening. In a few weeks, depending on your objectives, the technique will release resistant fat, smooth away cellulite, reshape curves or firm your skin. After this intensive period, it is important to regularly continue to stimulate these cells, so they don’t fall back to their old, lethargic habits. The good news is that one session per month is sufficient to reactivate this cellular memory and leverage its slimming and firming effects. Just like physical exercise, endermologie becomes a new lifestyle.

Should I diet and exercise at the same time?
It all depends on your weight and your beauty objectives. Almost any diet can help you lose weight, but not always where you want it. Orange-peel skin and localised fat in certain areas of the body (saddlebags, buttocks or thighs) are immune to diets and exercise. To get rid of them, the endermologie technique has proven to be particularly effective. The ideal is to associate your endermologie program with a varied and balanced diet as well as regular physical exercise for optimal effectiveness.

I have a problem with water retention. Is endermologie an effective solution?
Yes, endermologie treatments stimulate circulatory exchanges to eliminate excess water while providing an immediate and lasting sensation of well-being. Over the course of your sessions, your legs become more streamlined and regain their natural shape while the overall quality of your skin improves.

I am pregnant. Can I get endermologie treatments?
The short answer is yes. During pregnancy, the only effective treatments will be the drainage of the legs using the LPG Fluid Mobilisation protocol as well as anti-aging facial and hand treatments. Whilst select LPG treatments are safe during pregnancy, please consult your general practitioner beforehand.

Why do I need to wear a special endermowear suit?
The endermowear suit is the outfit to be worn during a body endermologie session. Designed for personal use, it guarantees perfect hygiene, and its opaque areas respect your privacy during the treatment. The unique composition of the endermowear suit provides excellent grab of the skin fold for an even more effective endermologie session.

Can endermologie be used as an alternative to liposuction?
Some women consider liposuction as the last resort to get rid of their resistant fat. However, it has been scientifically proven that endermologie is able to naturally release localised and resistant fat with the additional benefit of reshaping curves, eliminating cellulite and firming the skin. Painless and without any side effects, endermologie also stands out as the solution of choice in cases where liposuction is not recommended (circulatory disorders, insufficient volume, etc.). However, if liposuction is done, it is strongly recommended to combine the two techniques to optimise results. Before the operation, the LPG endermologie sessions prepare and soften the tissue to facilitate the surgery whilst enhancing microcirculation. After the operation and if recommended by your surgeon, they facilitate the resorption of edemas and hematomas and effectively improve skin quality. LPG Endermologie can also be used to smooth out any uneven areas or asymmetries. In any case, a comprehensive review should be carried out to determine the best approach to adopt.

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