Nose Lift with Threads

nose lift with threads


Given the nose is the most defining feature of our face, the nose thread lift procedure is becoming increasingly popular.  The nose thread lift is a minimally invasive non-surgical procedure that does not require surgery or lengthy downtime.

The non-surgical nose thread lift uses biomedical dissolvable threads that have been used for other pharmaceutical applications for many years and are considered extremely safe. The thread material is non-allergic and non-antigenic, and is completely biodegradable, meaning the body will absorb the material over a period of months, depending on the specific threads used.

There are two elements of the nose thread lift procedure that define the result. Firstly, the threads act both as a scaffolding structure for the nose, helping to contour and re-shape the nose. Secondly, the inserted threads act as a collagen stimulator, encouraging the formation of new collagen to provide a sustainable lift and re-shape for the nose, even after the threads dissolve.

The results of the nose thread lift are not permanent, but they are instantly visible, with minimum downtime. For many, this can be a great solution, it is a quick (think lunchtime) and relatively inexpensive option that delivers results. For others, the nose thread lift can be a great option to decide if you do want a more permanent, surgical solution.

Why have a Nose Thread Lift?

  • Nose thread lift results aren’t permanent, so if you’re not happy with how it looks, the threads dissolve naturally in your body within 6-8 months
  • The nose thread lift is much less expensive than a traditional rhinoplasty
  • Compared to nose filler procedures, this is a very safe procedure, without the risk of the filler causing blindness or blocking arteries and skin necrosis developing, both of which are rare, but real risks with nose fillers.
  • Nose threads can stimulate the tissue of the nose to produce its collagen so that they be a result of the nose job will continue to improve and be sustained.
  • The results are instant
  • There is little to no downtime, with patients resuming work / normal activities almost immediately
  • Compared to nose fillers, the nose thread lift can give sharper, more defined nose contours and nose tip results
  • Compared to surgery, this is a far more affordable procedure


Prior to your procedure there are a few things you can do to ensure the best results. Avoid blood thinning medication and supplements and alcohol in the days prior to and after treatment. This will lessen the likelihood of excessive bruising.

On the day of the procedure, you lie down with your face tilted up. You may have a local or topical anaesthetic applied to your nose and the surrounding area, so the procedure is tolerably comfortable.

After your nose is numbed by anaesthetic, the dissolvable threads are placed horizontally into the nose bridge and down towards the nose tip to form an internal scaffold that helps contour and shape the nose to the desired shape.

Once the threads are in position, the threads can be manipulated to the exact position to achieve the desired result. As this is an instantly visible technique, the threads can be adjusted to elevate the bridge of the nose and reshape the nasal tip.

The number of threads required will vary, depending on the individual’s circumstances and requirements, including the current nose shape, and the desired outcome. The procedure, colloquially known as the lunchtime nose typically takes an hour or less.

Risks and Complications

The nose thread lift is a very safe procedure, with no serious side effects being reported. As with any aesthetic procedure, the more qualified and experienced the clinician is, the better the results and the less chance of regret.

A nose thread lift can cause some mild bruising, swelling and tenderness. This is to be expected after the procedure; however, these side effects typically resolve within a few days to a couple weeks.

Applying some cool ice – not directly and very gently – to the nose try to remain in a semi-upright sleeping position for at least the first night or two after the procedure as this will help to avert too much swelling. It is also advised that you minimise touching your nose for the first few days while your new nose settles in.

After the nose thread lift you should not feel any pain, however you will feel some tightness in the treatment areas and may have some slight soreness for a few days. This can easily be addressed with over-the-counter analgesics that can be taken as needed for post-treatment comfort.

As with any procedure, including minimally invasive treatments such as the nose thread lift, there is a chance of infection, however small. Be sure to follow all post-op instructions that are given to you and if you have any concerns contact your treating doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What issue can a nose thread lift address?
A. The nose thread lift can hide a nasal hump, correct a flat nasal bridge, add projection to the nasal tip, lift the tip of your nose, correct a crooked nose and lessen the appearance of too-wide nostrils.

Q. Are nose thread lifts safe?
A. Yes. Compared to the nose filler and surgery, this is a very safe option, though nothing is completely risk free.

Q. How long do the results of a nose thread lift treatment last?
A. This depends on the threads used, but they can last between 6 to 18 months. The collagen stimulating effect also adds months to the results of a nose thread lift.

Q. Are all noses suitable for a nose thread lift?
A. No. Overly large noses, severe deviation, very bony noses or noses with very thin skin may not be suitable for the nose thread lift procedure.


The cost of the nose thread lift procedure varies, depending on the clinicians cost and the type of threads used. Expect to pay between $1500 – $3000.

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