Penis Enlargement Surgery


Some men just cannot get enough of everything BIG and this can even include undergoing penis enlargement surgery.

Penile augmentation surgery is classed as an elective plastic surgery; it is designed to not only increase the length of the penis, but also increases the girth.

In this day and age it is possible to buy all sorts of pumps, potions, creams, pills and even massage techniques which claim to enhance what you were given by nature, but unfortunately these have been rigorously tested by medical companies which have found that they do not work. For a permanent solution, the only way to increase the size of your penis is to have penis enlargement surgery.

Why have Penis Enlargement Surgery?
There have been many studies into the average size of male genitalia and it is universally agreed that the average size of a human male penis is between 8.5cm and 10.5cm in length when flaccid. The length of the penis can be found between 12.5cm to 16.5cm in length when fully erect. It is extremely rare to have a smaller than average penis and it is usually the men who have an average sized penis who tend to have the penis enlargement surgery.

There are a small group of men who have a much smaller than average penis and this is known as ‘Micropenis’ which is where a flaccid penis stretched to maximum length falls at less than 4cm and whilst erect falls at less than 6cm. The individuals who suffer with this difficult condition have usually had this diagnosed from childhood and may have undergone treatment which usually consists of being given extra testosterone. Men who have a micropenis usually still have a fully functioning penis.

Choosing to have penis enlargement surgery with a micropenis is usually due to the fact that there is a slight sense of embarrassment when becoming intimate with another person. Some men choose not to become intimate with anyone as they fear that at the point of penetration, they will not fulfil their part of the relationship. When seeking advice on how to deal with this problem, the doctor usually directs these individuals to start by speaking to a counsellor and if they are still unhappy, then they should seek advice from a plastic surgeon.


There are two ways to enlarge your penis, one is by cutting the ligament which attaches the penis to the body, which will allow the penis to drop slightly further. If you would like to increase the girth of the penis, this is done by transferring fat from one place of your body and placing it under the skin of the penis. Transferring fat from other parts of the body creates a more natural appearance for the penis, meaning that both you and others will not be able to tell that you have undergone any kind of penis enlargement surgery. There are additionally many other types of material which can be inserted under the skin of the penis which can increase the girth, these include; silicone implants, Allograft Dermal Matrix Grafts and dermis which is the tissue found between the skin and fat. The best material to use when having this procedure would be your own natural fat which can be taken from another part of your body. Using your own fat reduces the chance of rejection. Rejection is where your body literally rejects the fat that you have put into the penis and treats it like a foreign body within your penis. Your immune system attacks the fat and causes a severe reaction. This reaction can result in the fat having to be removed from the penis and a dose of antibiotics are usually required. This can be extremely debilitating and can be extremely painful, that is why using your own fat as opposed to synthetic material, can reduce the chances of your body rejecting this process.
Normally, both of these enlargement procedures are completed at the same time which also creates a more natural appearance.

Risks and Complications

Generally, modern day surgery is considered safe. Approximately one-third of patients who receive an anaesthetic during surgery will experience “anaesthesia sickness” or post-operative nausea and vomiting (POVN).
When considering a penis enlargement procedure, one must ensure that they understand that there are many risks associated in undergoing not only the surgery itself but also the general anesthetic. Having a general anesthetic comes with many risks that will be discussed with you during your consultation and also prior to having the operation. The risks include suppressed breathing, low blood pressure, heart failure and in some cases even death.

The risks and complications associated with the penis enlargement surgery include compression of the urethra due to swelling of the penis which can cause issues when passing urine. Scar tissue can also form as a result of undergoing penis enlargement surgery. This scar tissue can be extremely painful and can cause the penis to hang in an unnatural position. In some extreme cases, scar tissue can be found to affect the penis during sexual intercourse. This usually ends with the scar tissue having to be removed.

When inserting the fat into the penis, if rejection does occur this can result in debilitating lumps and scar tissue not only affecting urination but also effecting the penis during intercourse. Rejection can be so extreme in some cases that this can damage the penis and result in the inability to achieve an erection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How soon after the surgery can I have sex?
A. Roughly six weeks after the procedure you can engage in penetrative sex however you can masturbate as soon as a week after having the operation. Due to the surgery, masturbation should be gentle and consist of only rubbing the head of the penis.

Q. When I have the enlargement surgery which increases the length of my penis how much extra length can be gained?
A. This is extremely hard to measure due to individual differences however it is possible to have the length of your penis increase by one or two inches.

Q. When I have the enlargement surgery which increases the girth of my penis how much extra width can be gained?
A. This is also hard to measure due to individual differences however if you use the fat transferring technique the increase in width is relative to the individual however if you use the Allograft dermal matrix, you can see up to 30% increase in the girth of your penis.


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