Super-Wet Liposuction Technique


There are different liposuction techniques, there’s traditional liposuction, tumescent liposuction, and Laser-Assisted Liposuction. Specific techniques will suit certain patients and their chosen targeted treatment areas. One such procedure in the mix is the Super-Wet Liposuction technique.

The Super-Wet Liposuction technique is broadly a technique that involves the removal of fat from chosen areas of the body. An experienced doctor can perform the procedure efficiently, and achieve excellent results by discussing what sculpting is desired the patient in advance.

The Super Wet Liposuction Technique is similar to the Wet Liposuction Procedure. The difference however is with the Super Wet technique there is less anaesthesia in the injected saline solution. The result is the Super Wet Liposuction Technique treatment area is therefore not as numb as with the wet liposuction and therefore it does not cause swelling which is an advantage for several reasons.

There is minimal bleeding, swelling and bruising and less post-operative discomfort as a result of the Super Wet Liposuction compared to the Wet and traditional liposuction procedures. The treatment site of this type of liposuction technique will still require bandaging until the incision sites begin to heal.

The recovery time for the Super Wet Liposuction technique is also comparatively reduced, and the technique is associated with fewer complications. The Super Wet Liposuction technique, like all liposuction procedures, will however require the skill and precision of an experienced surgeon as any excess fluid that is not thoroughly removed from the body can migrate to the lungs causing serious illness.

Why have the Super-Wet Liposuction Technique?
As with most types of liposuction techniques, the Super Wet Liposuction procedure is helpful in targeting certain areas of the body that are not responsive to a healthy diet and regular exercise. These areas of the body and conditions can include the following:

  • Stubborn belly fat. Laser-Assisted Liposuction can target the areas of the belly that are holding excess weight and are resistant to exercise and diet.
  • Neck and jaw definition. The Super Wet Liposuction procedure can reduce fat and sculpt the neck and jaw for a sharper and more youthful contour and profile.
  • Shaping arms. Lessening stubborn fat deposits in the arms can be achieved with the Super Wet Liposuction.
  • Buttocks that require reducing stubborn fat deposits or contouring the shape of the buttocks can be addressed with this technique.
  • Leg shape and size. Super Wet Liposuction can address excess fat in the thigh and contour for desired shape.
  • Mummy Makeover. The Super Wet Liposuction procedure can help in removing stubborn “baby fat”.


This procedure is undergone under general or mild anaesthesia. As with any surgery, you should discuss with your surgeon in advance how your comfort is to be managed.

What makes this procedure unique is the fluid contains both a numbing agent, a blood vessel contractor, and a salt solution – though in very specific quantities that achieve the aims of the procedure, while limiting the swelling from the procedure.

Prior to the procedure, the body is first hygienically scrubbed with a solution, and you are positioned for the best placement for the surgeon to perform the procedure. The Super Wet Liposuction technique involves your surgeon first injecting small volumes of fluid into the targeted treatment areas. The surgeon will then insert a cannula, a suction tool which will remove the excess fat from the designated area of the body.

The surgeon will then, as the name liposuction suggests, suck out the fat using the fluid’s ingredients for a quicker and relatively pain-free procedure. If there are several areas of the body that are being treated, these steps will be repeated with multiple incisions required.

Once the fat has been removed by the procedure, the incisions will be carefully bandaged to ensure healthy healing. A compression garment is generally required to be worn for a short period after a Super Wet Liposuction procedure to help minimise bruising and speed up your recovery.

Risks and Complications

This risk is minimal if the physician is experienced and trained in the methodology of the Super Wet Liposuction technique. However, anyone undergoing these treatments must be aware of the risks involved, though in very rare cases the risks can include the deadening of nerves, embolism and scarring. With liposuction, there is also a very rare, but real risk that any excess fluid that is not thoroughly removed from the body can migrate to the lungs causing serious illness. Patients must thoroughly check the potential surgeon to ensure the surgeon is reputable and has the proper experience with performing these techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Is the Super Wet Liposuction procedure painful?
A. Typically the procedure is comfortable as you would be treated with a general anaesthetic. Post-treatment there can be some discomfort, though with this technique it is considered comparatively more comfortable than traditional and other liposuction techniques. If there is any residual pain your prescribing doctor can provide you with the appropriate post-operative care.

Q. Who is the ideal candidate for the Super Wet Liposuction technique?
A. The ideal candidate for this procedure has stubborn fat deposits and mild skin laxity issues. The Laser-Assisted Liposuction procedure is not recommended for anyone who is currently at an unhealthy or unstable weight, or those with excessive loose, hanging skin.

Q. What are the side effects of having a Super Wet Liposuction procedure?
A. Typically you will have some redness, soreness and swelling, including bruising after treatment. These side effects will start to subside within 10 days, though the swelling can last up to 10 weeks. Wearing a compression garment will aid in the speed of your recovery.

Q. How long until I can enjoy the results from a Super Wet Liposuction procedure?
A. The results are visible immediately following the procedure. These results however will continue to improve for four to six weeks as your swelling subsides. The full, improved results of the treatment will take between three to six months after the cosmetic procedure.

Q. Is Super Wet Liposuction safe?
A. Yes. In Australia and in the hands of a trained, qualified and experienced specialist doctor, this procedure is considered safe.


As with most surgical procedures, the price of a Super Wet Liposuction procedure will vary from provider to provider and the brand of technology. As a guideline expect to pay between $2500 – $6000.

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