Threads, also referred to as a thread lift, is a minimally invasive procedure involving surgical suture threads being placed under the skin to lift the skin to reduce signs of ageing and sagging skin on the face and neck.

The biggest advantage of a thread lift is the absence of visible scars and the very short downtime from routine activities.

It is common to combine a thread lift with other non-invasive procedures such as anti-wrinkle injections, laser treatments and facial peels that help improve skin texture.

Threads can be performed in approximately one hour in a qualified surgeon’s clinic and the down time is anywhere from a couple of days to a week. Pain is minimal and results are realistic and natural. Patients like the fresh rejuvenated look, and the fact they have achieved the appearance of a face lift at the fraction of the cost.

Silhouette Soft have created a new generation of threads that have absorbable bidirectional anchor cones and threads meaning you no longer have to have them removed further down the track as you did with other types of threads, making the procedure a more attractive option for those wanting a lift but who are not ready for a full facelift.


Where Can I Find a Silhouette Soft Practitioner?

October 31, 2016 You know a treatment is popular when clinics all over the country offer it. In our new age acceptance of aesthetic enhancements, whether it be through surgery or less invasive procedures, Silhouette Soft threads are emerging as an in-between procedure for those women (and men!) wanting something more than just a good facial, skin care or laser, but are not completely comfortable with the idea of a full surgical facelift. Silhouette Soft Positives and Benefits Giving the results of a subtle but noticeable facelift, but only taking about 30 to 45 minutes in a simple procedure with no downtime, Silhouette Soft threads last between one to three years. This means you have the opportunity to have them redone if you are so inclined, or continue to age naturally if you weren’t so keen on the results. It can even help you identify if you want a more permanent option such as a full surgical facelift. There are many benefits of Silhouette Soft threads… one of the best being the results. Silhouette Soft Results The beauty of threads is that in the hands of a skilled surgeon or practitioner, they can be inserted right where you need them and located specifically […]

20% off Silhouette Soft Thread Lift for 10 lucky patients at Academy Laser Clinics

September 12, 2016 If you haven’t already heard of Silhouette Soft threads, you haven’t been paying attention. With our focus on the face this month, one of the first procedures that sprung to my mind is threads. And, of course, when it comes to threads, Silhouette Soft are way ahead of the rest. There’s really no other comparison product on the market. Why are Silhouette Soft ahead of the rest when it comes to threads? They use absorbable threads attached to bidirectional “cones” that work to provide increased support for the skin along various points of the thread. This support helps to tighten areas of the face where they are placed to give a subtle but noticeable lift to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Applications ideal for threads are: Jowls Jawline Cheeks Facial Re-Shaping (helping create a smoother or diamond shaped face) Neck Brows The cones and threads are inserted through a needle prick so no cutting, stitching or scars result from the procedure. This also means no downtime! Less Invasive than a Full Facelift Thread lifts can be done in a scheduled program with other procedures such as fillers to create more refined contouring, however they are also extremely effective on […]

The rise of ‘Quick Fix’ Cosmetic Procedures

July 19, 2016 Cosmetic surgery has been on an upwards incline for many years now, despite numerous controversies that surround it. New procedures are emerging constantly. Some of these are left by the wayside with passing fads, but others, such as the ever popular breast augmentation, get added into the list of popular surgeries that have stuck around for years. With many prospective patients unsure of whether to take the sometimes large risks associated with full cosmetic surgery, a surge of new ‘quick fix’ procedures have emerged. These are promising patients the same results as traditional surgery via non -invasive treatments, where recovery times are minimal in comparison to traditional surgical methods. We have taken a look at some of the procedures that come within the ‘quick fix’ bracket… Instant Cheekbones Cheekbones are often considered a requirement for a well sculpted and balanced face these days. For those who aren’t lucky enough to have been born with them, there’s always contouring makeup (thank you Kim Kardashian), and new cosmetic methods as well. Fillers, such as those used in lip injections, are injected into the cheeks at various points to fill out the area, and then massaged into place to create a sculpted look. […]

Silhouette Soft Threads – a chat with Barry Lazarus from Austramedex

June 29, 2016 Trish Hammond: I’m here today with Barry from Austramedex, and we’re going to have a little chat about Silhouette Soft threads, which is a new style thread that’s on the market. Thanks, Barry. Barry: Thanks, Trish. Trish Hammond: Tell us a bit about them, what’s so great about the silhouette soft threads? Barry: Silhouette Soft has really changed what we thought threads could do in the past. Threads have been out since about 2002. When threads started they were polypropylene permanent threads that would go under the skin, with little barbs cut in it. The little barbs would do the lifting. Great idea, it worked well, but had a lot of problems. Trish Hammond: That’s for here … Barry: It was really for the mid-face, when it was first set up. They were being used in the brow as well. But the problem that we had with those little barbs, they used to have the ability to peel off and migrate, pop out of the skin, because they weren’t breaking down. Trish Hammond: Right. Barry: Then as time went on, absorbable threads were made with smaller barbs. That was great, that minimised the problems, but it also minimised the result […]

Subtle Silhouette – What’s Looking Back at You in the Mirror?

December 29, 2015 We all get to that point in our lives, especially as women, where we look in the mirror and think “OMG I look old!” Subtle lines around the eyes, hollowness under them, less prominent cheekbones where the skin has sagged, cheeky little wrinkles around the nose and eyes – these are all contributing factors to looking back at a face that just seems not quite as youthful as it was a few years ago. I don’t know about you, but I’ve pushed up my face with my hands countless times wishing gravity would suddenly reverse! Not all of us want to undergo plastic surgery on our face. Whether it’s because of the cost, or just because we can’t wrap our heads around having a fully invasive surgery in order to turn back time (or perhaps we aren’t quite ready for a full facelift!!) sometimes we just wish there was something less extreme that we could do. This is one of the reasons why in my travels and research through the wonderful world of cosmetic enhancements and procedures, I keep coming back to Silhouette Soft. They are a thread lifting technology that are apparently revolutionising the industry due to their non-invasive […]

Silhouette Soft Threads – Interview with Ies Korswagen

September 14, 2015 Plastic Surgery Hub: We are here today with Ies Korswagen and he’s from Sinclair Pharma, and we are just going to have a chat about Silhouette Soft Threads which has just been released in the market. Thank you for taking time to talk to us today. So can you just tell us something about Silhouette Soft, what makes them different to the traditional kind of threads? Sinclair Pharma: Yes, good question because the market today is ready for threads and there are lots of attention for threads nowadays. But where are we different? We are mainly different because of the materials that we use and of the technology of our bi-directional thread. We work with cones which grasp the tissue 360°, and that’s why we are different from most of the threads where they work with barbs which are an aggressive method. Or, there are lots of threads without any grasping effect material but are just for the volume. And those are called PDO threads. They only give volume for 2 to 3 months and the product is reabsorbed and leaves the body. We have a thread with cones that works in a bi-directional way where by you can create […]

SILHOUETTE SOFT – What’s in a Thread?

July 16, 2015 Up until now, thread lifts have received mixed reviews, and results. However, taking the non-invasive cosmetic world by storm is this revamped technique that is exciting patients due to the instant and noticeable results. As we age so does our skin, and as we all know trying to hold off the sagging or drooping of our skin is one of the desires of women (and men!) everywhere. Not all of us want to undergo the knife though, and sometimes fillers and injectables are just not enough on their own or don’t appeal for one reason or another. This is where thread lifts are finding their niche in the market. The new generation threads are a product of Silhouette Soft, who have created absorbable bidirectional anchor cones and threads meaning you no longer have to have them removed further down the track as you did with other types of threads, making the procedure a more attractive option for those wanting a lift but who are not ready for a full facelift. Concerns regarding the “barbs” that were previously used in thread lifting and were known for causing pain and discomfort are no longer relevant with Silhouette Soft. [adrotate banner=”101″]   Silhouette […]



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