Vivace Micro-needling Rejuvenation Results

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15 November, 2019

Vivace is the latest generation of Radiofrequency Micro-needling LED Therapy that is FDA cleared and TGA listed.

Micro-needling procedures can be traced as far back as 1905 to the work of dermatologist, Ernst Kromayer. In 1995, the treatment was refined by Dr. Desmond Fernandes to treat wrinkles and scars. Since then, micro-needling has secured its place in many spas, clinics and treatment rooms around the globe as a sustainable approach to a regenerative skin treatment.

Micro-needling is now well established in the cosmetic industry and is recognised as being particularly beneficial in the regenerative processes of the face and body.

What makes VIVACE RF MICRO-NEEDLING different to other micro-needling treatments?

The Vivace Micro-needling RF combines three disparate technologies into one treatment procedure; 36 Gold tipped surgical-grade micro-needles are used to create many multi-level microscopic channels into the dermis of the skin. Only the Vivace boasts a precision robotic motor that brings discomfort to virtual zero compared to any other device.

Vivace microneedles deliver bi-polar energy deep into the dermis without damaging the epidermis. Minimally invasive RF thermal energy creates fractional electrocoagulation in the dermis which facilitates a natural wound healing process . It is the creation of these thousands of microscopic wounds that promotes the remodelling of collagen, elastin and wound contraction, which enhances skin laxity and remodelling. Also known as Collagen Induction Therapy.

LED therapy aids rejuvenation, reduces inflammation promoting healing, it is integral to the process of collagenases, and improved skin tone and texture.

How would you describe the actual Vivace treatment? What do you use the Vivace for?

Vivace is safe, involves zero down-time, and provides immediate results without surgery or discomfort. The clinician will establish the treatment regime based on the unique issues presented. An experienced clinician is critical to obtaining optimal results from this ground-breaking technology.

The governing principal of treatment for the VIVACE is the combined controlled delivery of RF thermal energy to heat the dermis creating fractional electrocoagulation which facilitates a natural wound healing process. The surgical-grade needles create microscopic channels and deliver RF and LED therapy simultaneously, causing collagen fibres within the skin to shrink, tighten and undergo a wound healing response integral to the natural regenerative process of the body. It is a champion of regenerative aesthetics for tauter, radiant and youthful results.

Vivace is predominantly pain free and easily tolerated. A numbing agent may be applied to the face prior to treatment to minimise any discomfort. Otherwise, treatment of the neck, décolletage, tummy, hands and buttocks can be treated without any topical sedation.

The channels of the skin should be kept clear of any makeup or actives for at least six hours. The Vivace Experience delivers improved textural condition and skin luminosity almost immediately, Beautymedix clients experience zero to no downtime. What does the Vivace treat? How many treatments does a patient need to see results?

Your clinician will formulate a treatment regime which can target many of the following issues;

Having performed hundreds of treatments our clinicians will develop a personalised bespoke treatment plan which can induce multi-layer collagen induction. The required results and skin consideration being addressed typically determines the number of treatments required. As a general rule a minimum of 3 Vivace treatments every four weeks will be recommended. Superior results and optimal skin health and results may require a course of six (6) VIVACE treatments. Each treatment builds upon the layers of collagen induction spawned by the preceding treatments. Most patients notice significantly smoother, texturally refined, younger skin, as well as improvements in skin tone, pores, pigment and scarring, after just one treatment

Is it suitable for all patients/skin types/conditions? What is the recovery/downtime?

VIVACE is a treatment offering safe, effective result driven solutions to all Fitzpatrick skin types without risk of post treatment complications in the melanin production. This is an extremely advantageous feature of the VIVACE RF as individuals with skin tones prone to pigmentation have in the past been at risk of causing or exacerbating pigmentation with certain treatments.

Your BeautyMedix Clinician will select insulated or non-Insulated needles depending on skin type and condition. At BeautyMedix we have treated hundreds of clients of all Fitzpatrick’s (from 1-6) and have not experienced any adverse reactions or complications.

There is no downtime and with the exception of increased skin luminosity immediately after treatment. You can return to normal social interaction and normal duties immediately after the treatment. We recommend that clients abstain from applying makeup for at least six hours immediately after treatment. Whereas this is the ideal opportunity to hydrate and apply serum as recommended by your BeautyMedix Clinician, during which time the microscopic and invisible channels are open.

What are the Client Requirements Before undertaking treatment?

Prior to the inaugural consultation the client must complete a disclosure document. Prior to each treatment session the client must disclose certain medical issues. Client disclosure of relevant medical issues is important to eliminate the risk of contra-indication associated with treatment. Issues such as any blood disorders, auto-immune conditions, health concerns and medication (such as blood thinners) must be disclosed and evaluated.

Treatment may not be suitable if the client presents with open wounds, ulcers, pregnancy, keloid scarring and potentially those with unstable skin types.

Can a patient go straight back to work after having a Vivace treatment?

A Vivace treatment can be conducted during lunch-time and you can return to work immediately after the treatment. An extensive treatment session may require more time, for example a treatment encompassing face, neck and décolletage can take between two and three hours. Regardless of the treatment the client can return to normal duties immediately after the treatment without any downtime. This is just one of the many reason Vivace is considered the leader in non-invasive treatment while simultaneously delivering superior discernible results .

What is the Vivace post treatment care?

Post Treatment Care consists of:

  • no makeup preferably for 24 hours at least 6 hours;
  • all normal activity can be resumed after 24 hours and no downtime is experienced;
  • we recommend to avoiding excessive exercise, sweating, hot baths, saunas and cooking in extreme temperature for 24 hours post treatment;
  • preferably avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours;
  • protect the skin from UV’s (wear a hat);
  • apply after care products for the prescribed period – 3 – 7 days
  • use a moisturising and regenerative solution for at least 2 weeks after treatment; and
  • preferably, use a non-chemical sunscreen.

How does the cost compare to other treatments? What are your patients saying about the treatment?

Each Vivace treatment is designed to produce specific outcomes. Each treatment utilises a sterile disposable head as well as preparations, and post treatment application. However, as a benchmark treatment costs will vary between $650 and $1500. The cost of each treatment will be documented and agreed during the complimentary pre-treatment consultation. BeautyMedix has one of the highest customer satisfaction and retention rates because the results and client experience is paramount. Visit our website or phone 03 9596 7320 to arrange a consultation.

When compared to alternative treatments there is relatively no risk, downtime, and it is suitable for all skin colours and type.

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