What’s the Best Laser for Beautiful Skin?

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31 October, 2019

Anybodi Aesthetics Podcast

If you’re looking for skin rejuvenation, you can’t go past a good quality laser. One of the best lasers for youthful-looking skin on the market is the laseMD which is described as feeling being more like a super charged facial but with the results of a laser treatment. To understand why the laseMD gets such amazing results we looked at how and why it works, and what a treatment is like.

What sets the laseMD apart from other lasers?

laseMD is a thulium laser with a wavelength of 1927 nanometers – this is the sweet spot to generate heat which triggers a resurfacing effect without causing injury to the surface of the skin. Dr Robin Chok of Regenesis Cosmetic Surgery, SA says the reason why the laseMD technology is unique is because it’s a scanning laser that doesn’t fire out pulses all at the same time. “It’s like a dot matrix going side to side. But what it actually does is, because it’s such a small little dot and very, very fast, you don’t feel it. You don’t feel the dots are hitting you because they’re not firing at the same time so the heat is not there so you don’t feel the burn. We have a lot of patients that will have it maybe three, four times in the year and they really love it. To them, it is a facial – I will never call a laser a facial, but this is the first time we have a laser facial.”

Technically, the laseMD creates more tissue coagulation than ablation which helps the stratum corneum scaffolds (outer layers of the skin) remain intact when making channels into the epidermis, which is very unique.

What is the laseMD treatment actually like?

A laseMD treatment takes less than half an hour. Dr Steven Weiner from Aesthetic Clinique in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida explained the laseMD procedure perfectly when we caught up with him earlier this year. “It’s a resurfacing laser. You roll it along the skin – it has optical magnetic sensors to lay these very teeny fractionated laser beams through the skin. It only penetrates .25mm – very superficial. It causes a non-ablative injury to the skin which means very little downtime, very little wound care – not as aggressive as a CO2 laser or Erbium laser. The laseMD can treat superficial pigmentation, minor fine lines and wrinkles.”

Professor Glen Calderhead Vice President Medicoscientific Affairs, Lutronic Corporation in South Korea says the laseMD is designed for the patient who doesn’t want to undergo a typical laser procedure but who wants something more for their skin than your average facial. “It’s completely painless in the easy mode. There are two modes. We also have the advanced mode. Obviously more powerful, in the top settings for the advanced mode you’ll feel just tiny little pin pricks, but nothing else. You might get a little bit of erythema, or redness afterwards, depending on where it was applied. But you want the red skin because that shows that the wound healing process is starting. That’s perfect to deal with mild lines and wrinkles to fairly moderate lines and wrinkles. It will also deal with mild to moderate acne scarring, scar revision and dyschromia. We’ve also had a great deal of success with melasma. And in darker skin types. Melasma is uneven pigmentation that appears when ladies are in their 50s, perhaps premenopausal. It can also appear after any hormonal incident, for example, pregnancy. The penetration into the skin is well controlled, and therefore, downtime is also well controlled.”

As mentioned, laseMD is fully adjustable to achieve light to medium skin resurfacing. It is also able to help:

  • Improve skin tone and texture
  • Tighten skin
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Anti-ageing
  • Brightening
  • Melasma
  • Skin Laxity
  • Scar Reduction
  • Neck Rejuvenation
  • Feathering
  • Help Hair Regrowth
  • Décolletage Care

So, if you’re looking to brighten and bring new life to your skin, you can find a laseMD practitioner near you here. To learn more about the laseMD and see some amazing results check out the articles below.

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