Why enCurve could be your body contouring solution

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19 August, 2022

Why enCurve could be your body contouring solution Featured Image

Most of us have those fatty bits on our body that we’re not happy with. We are always asked “what’s the best treatment”, “how effective is it”, “how can I get rid of stubborn fat permanently”, “will the skin tighten as well” – as well as a whole lot of other questions about non invasive body contouring.

enCurve could well be the answer to all those questions. So what is enCurve? It’s a body contouring device that eliminates fat cells permanently and with apparently NO PAIN. Yes, that’s right – no pain WITH gain!! It’s said to be one of the most comfortable patient experiences for body contouring on the market, and has been getting some great results. We look at why enCurve could be your body contouring solution.

  • Is it suitable for any part of the body?
  • Can I see some before and after photos?
  • How does enCurve work?
  • Can I combine it with any other treatments?
  • Does it hurt?
  • How many treatments on average are required?

Suitable for any part of the body

The enCurve is suitable for almost any part of the body where you have some fat that’s able able to be pinched. If you can pinch it, you can enCurve it!

Before and after photos

The enCurve before and after photos speak for themselves. Plus, with surgeons and clinics embracing the enCurve everywhere, you can see why this is one treatment you might want to consider for your body contouring.


How does enCurve work?

enCurve uses an applicator that transmits an electromagnetic field, or radiofrequency, into the body where it is absorbed by the targeted fatty layer, effectively heating up the fatty cells to a point where they are destroyed and the body wants to naturally metabolise them out of the body. This process is also known as apoptosis. It is said the advantages to heating, as opposed to freezing the fat cells to destroy them, is that it’s a much gentler process on the body. Freezing kills the cells immediately and forces the body to metabolise them all at once, whereas heating them allows them to move more slowly through the lymphatic system allowing the liver and kidneys to do their thing without too much added stress on the body. You can also treat areas such as the abdomen and waistline simultaneously for more natural results.

Combine the enCurve treatment with the Healite II

Some practitioners will combine an enCurve treatment with the Healite II, an LED light therapy treatment to remove any redness that may occur within 1 – 2 hours post-treatment. It’s even suggested that having a Healite II treatment before the enCurve is a great way to maximise the outcome. The Healite II helps speed up the body’s metabolism process, giving you faster results.

Does it hurt?

The beauty of the enCurve is that the device never actually touches your body! You don’t have to have any gels or machines pushing on your skin and the procedure is described as a relaxing, comfortable procedure where you can completely take time out from your busy life. Patients say they feel a slight warming of their skin but nothing that causes any pain. The enCurve never goes above 43 degrees so it has no risk of burning the skin.

How many treatments?

It is suggested that on average, between 4 – 6 sessions, at weekly intervals are required to obtain results.

To find out where you can get an enCurve body contouring treatment click here.

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