Dr Adrian Brooks recieved a Review

4 October, 2021

Firstly, I had a 3 mths checkup after my last check up with Dr. Brooks. He said that he did visited and checked up on my after my surgery at the hospital, not once but three times. However, I was under heavy medications which explains why I was unaware of this.

Secondly, I am loving the results of my BA! It had gone softer, slowly but surely. My friends all complimented that it looked really good on me, it wasn't too big or fake looking, which is what I always wanted.

Lastly, unfortunately my eyelid have some ""milia"" on it as I guess it is common around the eye areas…it is like little white heads but with no openings…I dont know how to get rid of them 🙁 I was adviced to exfoliate regularly…hopefully it works.