Lycogel – The Makeup designed to wear after facial surgery or skin treatments

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12 September, 2022

Lycogel – The Makeup designed to wear after facial surgery or skin treatments Featured Image - AnyBodi Lycogel

One question often asked by patients following facial procedures or treatments is when can they start wearing makeup? It is generally suggested that you don’t apply anything for at least a little while (depending on the treatment or procedure you’ve had) to allow your skin time to recover. However there is one makeup range, Lycogel, that is designed specifically to promote the healing of damaged or post-procedural skin while also helping with a variety of other skin issues.

Lycogel – The Makeup designed to wear after facial surgery or skin treatments Product Image

What is Lycogel?

Originally developed specifically to be used by patients following cosmetic procedures, this breathable foundation treatment was then discovered to be extremely effective for daily application to deliver a multitude of long-term skin benefits:

  • Anti-ageing
  • Pigmentation
  • Acne/blemishes
  • Sensitive skin

How does it do this? Lycogel combines a breathable base with powerful ingredients and vitamins to allow skin to breathe and is formulated with active ingredients that deliver oxygen, moisture, and nutrients to the skin. The benefits:

  • Helps renew skin cells
  • Encourages elastin and collagen production
  • Helps minimise fine lines and wrinkles
  • Keeps skin hydrated
  • Protects the skin from outside factors with spf protection
  • Helps prevent excessive scar formation
  • Packed with antioxidants
  • Promotes skin repair and regeneration
  • Lets skin breathe and does not clog pores

Lycogel helps support the healing of skin, which is why it is so great for use following a laser treatment when the skin can be a little red and sensitive. It can also help minimise the appearance of scars, hence why it is used following a facial procedure such as a facelift or rhinoplasty. However, as mentioned above, it can also be used long-term to promote overall skin benefits and appearance.

Lycogel has 4 products all of which contain 12 active ingredients with LYCO-Complex.

  1. Breathable Balm – a clear balm to help protect and energise the skin with SPF 15.
  2. Breathable Camouflage – a buildable coverage that comes in 12 various shades, which you can mix and layer to match your preferred coverage. Contains SPF 30.
  3. Breathable Tint – a light coverage with SPF 30 to give the skin a vibrant glow
  4. Breathable Concealer – maximum coverage for blemishes and imperfections, while highlighting the skin’s natural beauty. Contains SPF 30.

I’ve heard of a few patients who started using Lycogel following their cosmetic procedures but have kept using it after they have healed, simply because they love the way it works on their skin.

Lycogel: Breathable Coverage Powered by Science

Lycogel is not your run-of-the-mill foundation. Designed to provide corrective benefits, it aids in the healing process of damaged and/or post-procedural skin. It was first developed to be applied after undergoing aesthetic procedures however it was soon realised that people could enjoy the skincare benefits of Lycogel on a daily basis, applying it just like regular foundation. Experts have formulated it to fit different types of complexion, each with its own unique qualities and needs: ageing, blemished, pigmented, and sensitive.

Full Coverage and Skin Nourishment Rolled into One

Besides providing adequate coverage, Lycogel Breathable Camouflage also nourishes by delivering oxygen, moisture, and other vital nutrients to the skin. These active ingredients deliver skincare benefits while ensuring an even-toned, flawless-looking complexion.

What differentiates Lycogel from other products that promise the same benefits? It is the first colour corrective foundation treatment that is designed to help damaged or post-procedural skin heal faster. It lets your skin breathe while effectively covering imperfections. Because it is developed from a combination of cosmetic and skincare technology, it can address different issues associated with any skin type.

The Wonders of LYCO-Complex – 12

The advanced LYCO-Complex technology sets Lycogel apart from the rest. A carefully balanced set of 12 active ingredients that work in unison; this is the primary feature of this gel-based skincare product. Its revolutionary formulation nourishes and hydrates the skin by infusing it with oxygen, moisture, and other nutrients.

Among these nourishments, oxygen, which has antibacterial qualities, serves as the primary ingredient in rejuvenating the skin to promote rapid healing of compromised skin. In the process, it relieves any discomfort while helping to renew the cells and stimulating collagen and elastin.

The moisturising properties of LYCO-Complex also keeps skin supple and smooth. It also acts as a barrier to provide protection from harsh elements found in the surroundings—air pollution, dry air, air conditioning, etc. The nutrients Lycogel delivers to the skin energise the complexion while helping to repair and facilitate the natural processes in the skin regardless of its present condition.

Skin Protection Inside and Out

All Lycogel products are oil-free with SPF 30 protection except for the Breathable Balm which has SPF15. They are designed to glide on smoothly without clogging pores and can be removed easily with a gentle cleanser. They stay on the skin even with direct exposure to water for up to 90 minutes. Any complexion type, including sensitive and irritated, is suited for Lycogel. The selection of products include:

Breathable Camouflage – Provides buildable coverage in 12 shades
Breathable Tint – Light coverage in 4 shades
Breathable Concealer – Maximum coverage in 3 shades; perfect for skin blemishes
Breathable Balm
 – Complete LYCO-Complex advantages sans the coverage

To read more about or to order any of the Lycogel products check out their website.

Not Just Make-Up, Lycogel helps nourish your skin

Women wear makeup for various reasons. Primarily, makeup is applied to enhance a person’s look, and cover unwanted skin problems. It is important to note, however, that not all makeup products are the same. The best ones are designed not only to help you look great, but also to improve your skin. That’s where it’s not just make-up, Lycogel helps nourish your skin.

Lycogel uses advanced technology in its cosmetic products to give your skin the best treatment it deserves. This unique make-up range, which was originally formulated for application post-procedure, rapidly grew in popularity to become a makeup range that is now used on a daily basis.

Using their makeup products will help nourish your skin, making you look fresh and young – even as you age. Thanks to its revolutionary approach to skin care, Lycogel is definitely a brand to look out for. It can change the way you see makeup products.

Lycogel: be beautiful inside and out

Users have reported seeing anti-aging benefits that they have never experienced with other products. This is because Lycogel believes that beauty and skin benefits go hand-in-hand. When people buy Lycogel makeup products, they are also investing in their skin. Lycogel is the first breathable colour corrective foundation treatment that combines cosmetic and skincare technology to promote the healing of damaged or post-procedural skin offering an immediate solution.

Now you can stay beautiful, inside and out. Whether you need minimal coverage for an awesome weekend at the beach or go for that incredible evening look, perfect for a date, Lycogel has the right products for you. You can have your desired coverage and look beautiful, while feeling confident about your skin.

Lycogel uses active ingredients that encourage moisture, oxygen, and nutrients to be infused into the skin. They all work to enhance your natural beauty and boost your overall confidence. The good news is that Lycogel products are designed to accommodate various skin types, even the most sensitive ones. They were developed for everyone to use.

Breathable make-up

Lycogel’s Designer Gel Base is designed to give users beauty and skin benefits through its LYCO-Complex, which has over 12 active ingredients for best results. All products contain non-chemical SPF and are also water-resistant, allowing you to experience long-lasting wear. This revolutionary feature lets your skin breathe, stay hydrated, and look refreshed all day. All 12 active ingredients work together to give you maximum benefits.

Lycogel products help the skin heal faster, even when it is recovering from cosmetic procedures.. They also help beautify the skin by defying the wrinkles and giving you a vibrant complexion. The company understands the importance of moisture, as well as protecting the skin from everyday irritants like pollution. Best of all, their makeup products are packed with nutrients to give your skin it’s needed tissue repair, energy, and everything necessary to rejuvenate it.

Using Lycogel cosmetic products will give you the following skin benefits:

  • Renew skin cells
  • Encourage elastic and collagen production
  • Soothe the skin
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Keep skin moisturised
  • Protect the skin from outside factors
  • Keep stem cells healthy
  • Prevent excessive scar formation
  • Packed with antioxidants
  • Promotes skin repair

Lycogel products

Lycogel has four makeup products for you:

  1. Breathable Balm a clear balm that protects and energises the skin with its LYCO-Complex, which has over 12 active ingredients working together to deliver health benefits.
  2. Breathable Camouflage lets you overcome any skin issues, thanks to its buildable coverage that features matte finish. This product comes in 12 various shades, which you can mix and layer to match your preferred coverage.
  3. Breathable Tint allows you to enjoy a light coverage that gives the skin its vibrant glow. This one is perfect when you only need light coverage to keep you staying radiant throughout the day.
  4. Breathable Concealer gives maximum coverage for your blemishes, while highlighting the skin’s natural beauty. You may also choose to apply under the eyes or other areas that require coverage.


Lycogel is designed to help you look your best, while enjoying all the benefits for better skin. It lets your skin breathe, stay moisturised, and thrive with the number of nutrients present in the products. Even if you have overly sensitive skin, its products are designed to accommodate various skin types and skin concerns.

Lycogel is the latest in advanced makeup technology, so if you want a makeup that delivers more than just coverage, this is definitely one to look out for.

If you’re after Lycogel products and want to know where, check out our Lycogel page.

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