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14 August, 2020

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With beautiful, well-appointed rooms, state-of-the-art technology and award winning customer service, the new rooms for Dr Rohit Kumar and Dr Nidhi Berera are THE destination for all your beauty needs. Dr Kumar is now in three locations – Sydney’s Leichardt, Penrith and Orange while Dr Berera practices from the Leichhardt rooms.

All your beauty needs

The Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary team has won several awards, Dr Kumar (middle), Dr Berera (far right)

Team Effort

The team understand that in today’s world, convenience rules. If you are going to make a commitment to look after yourself, it can be quite time-consuming, especially if it involves a lot of travel to different locations.

Dr Rohit Kumar and Dr Nidhi Berera form a pioneering team that has combined all your major cosmetic needs under the one roof. The advantage of this approach is you will be looked after and guided through any treatments or procedures by the same team through your journey, whether it is skin treatments or plastic surgery with Dr Kumar or creating your new smile with Dr Berera.

The Latest Technology

Dr Kumar is one of only a limited number of plastic surgeons that uses the 3D Vectra skin and body assessment system. The practice nurse is expertly trained in using the system and can show you what you would look like with a variety of different breast implants or after a breast lift for example.

Dr Berera has similar technology to accurately show you the steps to a new beautiful smile and guide you through your treatment.

All Your Beauty Needs

Dr Kumar consults a patient

Your skin can also be assessed for damage and they can help guide you through their range of Doctor only products that will work wonders on your skin. They are also part of a select group of clinics that uses the Eclipse Micropen for excellent results that take your appearance beyond simple laser therapy.

Holistic Care

This ‘under one roof’ approach gives the team a unique ability to provide an unparalleled level of holistic care. Their post operative packages and care are second to none. From boutique post operative packs through to patient privileges such as teeth whitening.

The premises have a dedicated procedure suite equipped with the most up-to-date equipment for treating a variety of conditions. Many minor procedures that are normally done under local anaesthetic can be performed at these facilities, without the associated costs of hospital and bed fees. All procedures requiring general anaesthetic, however, are always performed at accredited hospitals.

These savings – which can be significant, are directly passed on to the patient. Some of the procedures that can be performed include an Upper Blepharoplasty surgery, small volume liposuction, retracted nipple correction and most scar revisions.

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