Dr. Craig Rubinstein recieved a Review

31 December, 2018

I recently saw Dr Craig Rubinstein for a breast lift and implants. I originally considered going overseas and getting the procedure done there as I knew some people that had done similar although they did not need corrective elements like I did. Also, working in the Medical field myself I have seen my fair share of work that has failed or been done incorrectly from overseas doctors. Before I looked any further into that I decided to have a consultation a Dr in Australia first. So the hunt was on for a reputable and experienced surgeon for their opinion. Can I just say- I hit the jackpot with Craig. I firstly went with Craig after watching a video of why he choose his career. Learning that Craig comes from a family of doctors and surgeons I knew this guy is obsessed with what he does. And I was right! He was so knowledgeable, answered all my questions made me feel so comfortable and encouraged my questions. His staff went above and beyond to show me digital designs of what I would look like after the procedure and gave me copies of everything Craig and I had discussed so I could go away and go through everything. I decided overseas was no longer an option. Craig was the man for the job and I am so confident that had I proceeded with another doctor (in Australia or overseas) I would not have gotten the amazing result I did. I was prepared for a cosmetic improvement and what I got was a total make over. I have not stopped smiling since I saw Craig. And the incredible treatment does not stop there. Craig went above and beyond to make me feel like family and still does to this day. I cannot put into words how lucky I feel to have found Dr Rubinstien, I highly highly recommend anyone thinking of having any kind of breast surgery to talk to Dr Craig Rubinstien first. Thank you Craig for changing my life!!!