Dr. Craig Rubinstein recieved a Review

15 November, 2016

I decided to get my implants removed after having them for 13 years and having health complaints, (recovering from Lyme disease) I felt it was time to have them removed for my body to heal. I re-visited the surgeon who put them in (not Dr Rubinstein) and I was kind of in shock not only with his bedside manner, but also told me I would need a mastopexy and removal of capsule all in the one procedure (as well as suspecting a rupture he sent me off for a mammogram, and actually never got back to me to see what the conclusion was!!) I was in shock for about a month, and it didn’t feel right that I go back to see this Dr, and thought there must be a breast specialist I can see.

After googling, I found Dr Rubinstein. I absolutely knew after one consultation that he was the man I felt safe to take out these implants, and booked the procedure straight away. He has such a kind and honest man and is unwavering in the support he gave me, not only in the procedure, but the before and after care, and the whole team, including his assistant Kate. He gave me new bras after the procedure, and even a facial to make me feel better. Plus appointments after 8 weeks and 6 months, no charge! He even heavily reduced the cost for me knowing I had some financial difficulties due to health things. Not that I want to advertise this fact, but point being he leads with his heart, not his back pocket. I have to emphasise he is more than just an amazing plastic surgeon, but he is such a kind and decent man, I say if you are thinking of getting something done, you must see Dr Rubinstein and see for yourself. So in short, him and his team FAR exceeded my expectations, and sincere gratitude fills my heart. Thank you Dr Rubinstein!!