Dr. Sugitha Seneviratne recieved a Review

6 October, 2021

My Doctor initially referred me to Dr Senevirantne because I had a suspect skin cancer on my face and I scar easily. I have known my doctor for many years and trust her, she said she would not recommend anyone else to do that work in a prominent area of my face. It was a good decision.

After that was dealt with by Sugitha, I also saw the dermal technician for a number of treatments on my face. The clinic and staff are wonderful, friendly, helpful and professional.

After that treatment I decided to deal with a chronic back issue, related to large breasts. I had breast reduction surgery. Dr Seneviratne was fantastic with this procedure. She was understanding and took time to answer any questions I had. She has much experience in this type of surgery and I would recommend her to anyone considering any treatments. Sugitha was very precise in what she wanted to do and how she would do it. She is also straight forward and consultations, surgery, recovery etc were all quick and easy. I was pleased that the follow-up after surgery was very comprehensive. The nurse (Sue) from the clinic was involved pre-surgery, during my surgery and thoroughly and professionally looked after me post-surgery.

Dr Seneviratne is an excellent surgeon, the operation went very well and I could not be more pleased with the result. She is also supported by excellent staff in the hospitals and clinics and they are all very professional. Most importantly Sugitha is a very nice person and was wonderful to deal with. I highly recommend Dr Seneviratne.