Belkyra is the latest contouring treatment perfect for getting rid of double chins

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18 August, 2022

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We’ve been hearing about it for months now, and it’s finally here. Belkyra is the latest contouring treatment perfect for getting rid of double chins and it’s now available in Australia and Dr Jeremy Hunt from Edgecliff in NSW is producing some impressive results. We were able to chat with one of his super happy patients, Rachael. We asked her some questions to find out more about Belkyra.

PSH: What motivated you to have the Belkyra treatment? What areas of your body did you have the treatment on?

Rachael: I was motivated to have the Belkyra treatment as I was intrigued by the advancement of the industry in providing somewhat of a magic ‘liquid liposuction’ product. I have had surgical liposuction and am familiar with its associated cost, pain of surgery plus discomfort and length of recovery time, therefore I was impressed to see the affordable and ‘quick to administer’ nature of the Belkyra treatment, which had little to no downtime for recovery. I had the ‘double chin’ treatment currently offered by Belkyra as it is the only available treatment area in Australia at the present time.

PSH: Why Belkyra over other treatments on the market?

Rachael: The concept of ‘liquid liposuction’ treatments was new to the Australian market at the time I had the Belkyra treatment so it was difficult to research any patient feedback on the internet. I quickly learnt, however, that Belkyra is a sister company of the ‘Kybella’ brand in the United States, therefore I was able to access a wealth of product information, patient feedback, and amazing before and after photos. Knowing that Belkyra was part of a larger company which had a tried and tested product, and was only launched in Australia after widespread success in the United States, gave me confidence in using their product.

PSH: How did you find the actual treatment? Was it painful, how was the recovery, how long did it take?

Rachael: The treatment was over very quickly. Time was well spent in preparation of the procedure, icing of the area and placing template dots onto the skin to mark out injection sites, so that the treatment could be carried out as quick and painlessly as possible. I then had 22-23 injections into the skin on the underside of my chin/jaw, all each approximately 1cm apart.

The procedure took approximately 10-15 minutes of preparation time, then no more than approximately 5 minutes of having the injections administered.

Pain of the procedure was alleviated by placing an ice pack on the treatment area prior to the injections being administered, which was effective. After the treatment was completed, (not discounting the fact I had just had 22-23 injections), pain was relatively low however discomfort felt mild to moderate. There was redness of the area plus mild swelling that increased to moderate swelling over the following few hours however I was immediately able to drive an hour and a half home, without any issues.

In my case, swelling was felt to increase to somewhere between the moderate to severe swelling level by the next morning, with light bruising evident. I returned to work the very next day without incident. Swelling was at its worst for approximately 2-3 days post procedure and had fully subsided approximately one week afterwards.

PSH: Is there anything you think potential patients having the treatment should know about it that you wish you had have known?

Rachael: The Belkyra treatment is carried out over 2 – 3 sessions, at six weekly intervals. Also, it is notable that pain was more psychological in nature at the first session. The sheer thought of having 22-23 injections in such a tender spot under my chin/jaw was nerve-racking, and trusting that only the coldness that remained from placing an ice pack on the injection site for approximately 5 minutes, would be able to relieve my pain and discomfort was questionable to say the least! Thankfully I was wrong though!

PSH: How did you find Dr Jeremy Hunt and the Belkyra treatment experience?

Rachael: Anyone who has met Dr Jeremy Hunt would be familiar with his extremely down to earth and friendly nature which, most importantly, calms your nerves first and foremost! His product and procedural knowledge and is evident when he discusses with you his recommendations on the best ways to achieve your desired results, however it is not until you witness his efficiency and relatively painless delivery of treatments, that you realise you may have still underestimated his level of practical experience for a seemingly young surgeon. Dr Hunt’s support staff, in both nursing and administration, also assist in making the overall experience feel welcoming and comfortable, and help to reassure you that you are their priority throughout each step of your treatment.

PSH: Did the Belkyra treatment give you the results you had hoped for? How quickly did you see the results?

Rachael: Belkyra definitely did not disappoint. I had two rounds of injections in total however I had close friends asking me a number of times at the end of the first six week cycle if I had lost weight. I was confused at first because I definitely hadn’t, however I then realised that the Belkyra treatment was working quicker than I had expected in dissolving my double chin and seemingly ‘lifting’ the overall jaw and neck area, making my face and neck appear as though I had indeed, lost a significant amount of weight.

PSH: Will you require any further Belkyra treatments?

Rachael: I will have a third round of the Belkyra ‘double chin’ targeting injections very soon, although I am happy with my results to date, I would like to make sure I got the most out of the treatment possible.

I am also looking very forward to the possible future release of the Belkyra product for other areas of the body.

PSH: Would you recommend Belkyra to friends and family or anyone else considering the treatment?

Rachael: My experience with the Belkyra product and Dr Jeremy Hunt has been very positive and rewarding and I would definitely recommend the treatment to anyone who is interested. The procedures are less about vanity and more about empowerment and self-confidence, and Belkyra is a less invasive and cheaper alternative to surgical forms of liposuction with great, lasting results.

If you’d like to arrange for a consult or appointment with Dr Jeremy Hunt you can contact his clinic on 02 9327 1733. If you’d like to read more about Dr Hunt or Belkyra check out the blogs below:

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