Covid-19 prompts plastic surgery

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21 July, 2020

Now more than ever, it is vital to seek expert opinion and advice

Evidence based on recent online searches during the Covid-19 quarantine reveal some interesting trends. Searches are up – in dramatic numbers – for plastic surgery across a broad range of procedures in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Brisbane’s Courier Mail and Melbourne’s Sun Herald reported that there is evidence that some Australian women are using the social downtime to plan procedures such as Tummy Tucks/abdominoplasty. This could lead you to wonder where these personal reactions to a global pandemic and social isolation could be coming from?

The fact is; many of us now have the ‘luxury’ of working from home, often alone and often glued to our screens for endless hours. For many of us working remotely the sight of yourself on Zoom can be unsettling. While some colleagues are challenged just changing out of their PJs, many others are increasingly conscious of how they look, especially as more often than not, it’s reflected right back at them on camera.

Suddenly faced with our own faces, most of us simply aren’t used to looking at ourselves quite so much in the working day. In an article in the New York Post, NYC-based plastic surgeon, Dr Norman Rowe told The Post, “People now are looking at themselves more than they ever have – probably in human history, add to that, everyone is now walking around with a camera and their entire staff is also looking at them”. Add to this phenomenon,  this new ‘24/7 camera-ready’ trend looks to be here for quite some time.

While there’s now the Touch Up My Appearance feature on Zoom, there’s also the option of researching real physical changes. Search Engine Optimisers (SEO) professionals reveal that the term ‘plastic surgery’ is currently incredibly popular across the whole online beauty sector, with breast surgeries, (augmentation and implants are the most searched terms) ‘nose jobs’ and ‘tummy tucks’ also topping the highly searched keywords.

While online research is great and virtual consultants with a plastic surgeon a godsend, these are only the first two steps. It is vital to reach out to trusted sources, including meeting with a highly skilled and recommended plastic surgeon to discuss your personal needs and expectations.

Dr Dilip Gahankari is a specialist Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon, located on the Gold Coast, QLD, operating from Pindara Private and John Flynn Private Hospital.

Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Dr Dilip Gahankari

Dr Dilip’s extensive 25 years of experience, his surgical skill and commitment to safety, allows him to achieve consistent, successful outcomes. Dr. Dilip pursues the highest standards for surgical techniques and quality patient care.

Dr. Gahankari’s work encompasses a balance of Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery and offers various procedures. He specialises in minimal scar Cosmetic surgery of the face, breasts and body, and is keenly aware of the importance of short scars in modern plastic surgery.

If you have been thinking about plastic surgery, call 1300 007 300 to book your free consultation with a clinical nurse (phone or face-to-face) to discuss your goals.

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