Latest injectable techniques with Brooke Francisco and the Layt Clinic

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25 August, 2021

Latest Injectable Techniques with Brooke Francisco - BLOG MAY 2020 3

Injectables have come a long way. Today we shed some light on the latest injectable techniques with Brooke Francisco. Once upon a time, women commanded “fill her up” when it came to injectables. Usually those charged with the job too often did just that. Unfortunately, the results were at best mixed, but all too often, the results looked overdone and unnatural or unattractive.

Subtlety is Key

Enter the experts, the medical professionals whose aim and techniques improve our looks greatly. They do this without using vast amounts of product. Instead, subtlety is now key when it comes to injectables. And the results can be dramatic – in a beautiful way – if you’re in well-trained and experienced hands.

Brooke Francisco from the Layt Clinic is one of the most popular and experienced injectors in Australia. Brooke is a Cosmetic Registered Nurse and her love of the profession and her expansive, always-growing knowledge is a source of confidence to her many happy clients.

Let’s Talk Foundations

When talking with Brooke, she emphasises the premise of foundations repeatedly. There’s her professional foundation of years of training with market-leader, Allergan, plus her years of hands-on experience. Then there’s what she refers to often when she speaks of her work – the foundation of your face and beauty.

The foundation of a healthy, glowing and attractive face is good health and a balanced, happy life according to Brooke. “It is your diet and how you nurture your body that is paramount”.  Brooke goes further. “It’s also how you live your life. This is regardless of the treatments you may or may not seek that are the true foundation for vibrant beauty.”

Australians leading consumers of injectables

“Let’s be honest, injections are a luxury”, explains Brooke. “But there’s also a very good explanation for why Australians are one of the world’s leading consumers of injectables. The main reason is that living in our harsh Australian climate can take its toll on us physically. The result of this can include rapid skin changes,” explains Brooke.

“Women especially can also lead very demanding lives, and feeling great for your age – whatever that age is, is absolutely understandable,” explains Brooke. “With skill and developed techniques based on science and knowledge of anatomy, the results can be fantastic. Injectables can really enhance wellbeing and correct and heal skin complaints and facial imperfections.”

“But treatments also vary, depending on what age you are. An injector needs to assess the specific clinical needs for your face, age and circumstances. The young and fabulous can get away with little to nothing. But the problem is injectors can often grossly overdo it. Especially when injecting too much product into the lips and cheeks of the young – who absolutely don’t benefit. Sadly, that can result in a look of deformity and taint the genuine benefits of injectables.”

Realistic assessment

According to Brooke, it’s about realistically assessing what could enhance a particular unique face.  Also the exact ageing changes that may be happening for that person and their anatomy, and how to best address those issues. “You would want any injected product to blend in seamlessly, without distorting the face. And rather, working really well with the natural features. That’s when injectables can enhance and add freshness to a face.”

For a skilled injector like Brooke, it’s all about a trained eye and experience. This combined with really knowing your products, while executing your injections with anatomical knowledge, artistry and subtlety.  “In this industry that has grown so much, it’s ironically now more and more about doing a lot more with a lot less product. I aim for my patients to be so happy with what I have achieved for them, that I don’t have to see them that often.”

We love Brooke! You can find her at the Layt Clinic on the Gold Coast at Southport, and also in Ballina on the North Coast of New South Wales.


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