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18 August, 2022

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LightStim is an easy to use, at home anti-aging treatment that harnesses the technology of LED light to make your skin look plumper, more refreshed – and ultimately, the Holy Grail of beauty treatments, more youthful.

If you’ve ever tried an LED treatment in a salon or a medical cosmetic surgery, you will know that it is a totally – I mean totally – painless treatment. But in a salon setting, it can be expensive and somewhat boring, having to remain still and seated with your eyes closed for usually, around half an hour.

The beauty of LightStim is it’s ease of use – and the fact that you can use it as often and for however long you wants – at home! That’s not to say, it’s a great idea to use it all day and night, but you can safely use it several nights a week for up to 20 to 30 minutes each time.

Like most women, there is an area or two of my face I’m not entirely happy with. For me; it’s the corners of my mouth and the general jowl area. The great thing about LightStim is the head size of the LED appliance is about the size of a small fist, so you can really target where you want to treat.

The appliance requires simply plugging it in and turning it on. Give it a few minutes to warm up, meanwhile cleanse your skin and then apply the fabulous LightStim Collagen Peptide Serum to your face, making a point to especially apply it in the areas you most want to target.

The accompanying serum is specifically designed to work with the LED light and to deeply absorb to target wrinkles, while firming and hydrating your skin. Regardless of the appliance, I actually love this serum! You can feel the product instantly absorbing before you even add the power of LED to the treatment.

After about three minutes from turning on the LightStim handheld device, it will make a discreet beep noise. This means your appliance is ready to use. You simply gently apply the LED head of the LightStim to your face and you’re good to go. Every three minutes the device will make the same discreet beep, which is an indication to move it to another area of your face (or neck, chest or hands).

Personally, I’m a ‘go hard or go home’ type of girl and this product is so safe and painless, you really can keep moving it around your face for 30 minutes or even longer. The beauty of it for me is I can settle in with a cup of tea in front of Netflix and treat my skin with a hand-held LED device from the comfort of my sofa.

As for results, to be honest, they are not dramatic – but they are real. LightStim LED results are also gradual, rather than immediate. But if you’re consistent, you will notice after a month to six weeks, there will be a real improvement to your skin tone and appearance – and that improvement continues to grow as it stimulates your own collagen response.

For realistic expectations, you need to know that improving collagen and elastin takes time and that amount of time varies for each person. But on saying that, I can actually see a plumping effect in my dreaded jowl / corners of my mouth area in as little as a week of using the device. But that’s when I’m using my LightStim regularly, four to five nights a week for up to 20-30 minutes each time. I mean, if you’re snuggling in for a Netflix night at home, why not treat yourself with a totally painless, LED beauty treatment from the comfort of your own sofa?

To purchase the LightStim you can visit the Plastic Surgery Hub shop. To see another Lightstim review, with before and after pictures, click here. To see Trish’s interview with Sandy from Lightstim click here.

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