Microdermabrasion versus Hydrodermabrasion – what’s right for you?

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20 August, 2022

Microdermabrasion versus Hydrodermabrasion what’s right for you Featured Image - Hydro Blog Header

So, you’ve decided you need some exfoliation in your life. We are coming out of hibernation; winter is at long last over; summer is FINALLY on the horizon and you want to get your skin in tip-top shape. If, like most of us your skin’s maybe feeling a little parched or lacklustre (thanks winter!) and you need a some skin-loving action, hydration or damn it you just want some glowing skin – is that too much to ask?

These days, you would practically have to be living under a rock to have not heard of microdermabrasion. In fact, some of you savvy skincare junkies or gadget lovers may even have your own personal microdermabrasion device (PMD) that you use at home. A fancy word for exfoliation, microdermabrasion is an immensely popular treatment that has gained traction over the last decade due to its all-round effectiveness and its immediately visible results.

Whether you have dry or dehydrated skin, oily or acne-prone skin, or are bothered by sun-damage or fine lines, microdermabrasion machines do it all. One of the best parts about this particular treatment is its suitability for all skin types and ability to readily address multiple skin concerns and plus the added bonus of minimal downtown is a bonus for many.

Microdermabrasion is essentially a form of manual exfoliation in which a technician or aesthetician will use a handheld device with a diamond tip and or crystals (depending on the device) to gently buff and polish the skin by removing the top surface layer of the skin, removing dead skin cells, and leaving your skin smooth as a baby’s….well you get the idea.

By stimulating the skin in this way, you trigger the bodies healing response, which in turn subsequently promotes new collagen growth and encourages cellular turnover. This results in a fresh, hydrated, brighter complexion and why clients immediately experience radiant glowing skin. What’s not to love right?

So, if that’s microdermabrasion….then what exactly is hydrodermabrasion and how does it differ from the traditional microdermabrasion treatment? Well, in a nutshell, hydrodermabrasion is the newer, cooler more grown up sister. It’s essentially the same treatment, however the process incorporates gentle, yet effective skincare solutions combined with exfoliation to infuse products into your skin more effectively. It does this by first paving the way by priming the skin as a result of the exfoliation. What does that mean for you? Better product penetration – not only in terms of the products the clinician uses during treatment, but your at-home skin care will be more effective also as its not trying to get past all the build-up and grime that was on your skin prior to the treatment. Congested skin? Blackheads? It can assist with all of this whilst at the same time pumping the skin full of moisture and nourishing ingredients.

During the treatment, a gentle vacuum uses vortex suction to clean out your pores. Dirt, debris, excess sebaceous oil, grime and superficial dead skin cells all get sucked up into waste container. If any of you kids are game to ask your clinician to “see” what has been sucked out of your skin – I dare you! I’m naturally curious like that (or gross, depending on how you look at it!) and I was stunned at what came off my face. As someone who likes to think they take pretty good care of their skin as well as keeping up with regular exfoliation it just goes to show there are some things that are best left in the hands of professionals!

On the day immediately after treatment you can expect to be a little pink (depending on your skin’s level of sensitivity) however this should fade within an hour. Your skin will feel ridiculously smooth and look fresh, invigorated and GLOWING. This should last a week or so, however its recommended that you get a series of treatments and then the results will last longer. It is also a relaxing dare I say enjoyable treatment – it doesn’t feel uncomfortable, merely a light brushing sensation is felt as the crystal tip passes over your face.

Hydrodermabrasion is gentle enough for even the most sensitive of skin-types whilst being effective enough to deliver immediately visible results as well as providing long term benefits to the skin. It removes surface damage whilst replenishing the skin and is extremely effective in improving the appearance of congested, acne-prone, aged, dull or dehydrated skin. You will notice improvements after the very first treatment. Not only will your skin look better, it will FEEL amazing and smooth to the touch. These results just keep on giving so expect your skin to keep on improving as the week progresses.

According to a 2019 consumer survey, 51% of consumers enjoy regular microdermabrasion treatments – so why not go one better and opt for a Hydrodermabrasion treatment next time. You will enjoy all of the benefits of a traditional microdermabrasion service, with the added boost of whatever nourishing skincare ingredients your skin needs most at that particular time. If you are a big fan of original microdermabrasion treatments, you can always ask your technician to perform what is known as a “dry pass” on that particular area. You really get the benefits of two treatments in one which is incredible is you ask me.

It really is the perfect in-out skin rejuvenation treatment for busy people, you can duck out on your lunch break as the treatment only takes 30-40 mins and return to work with beautiful RADIANT skin! Just be prepared for your colleagues to pester you about what treatment you’ve had done – the results are that good.

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