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14 September, 2021

Wellness is described by the World Health Organisation as “… a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” The term wellness is also often associated with women’s health. In particular, women’s intimate health is also enjoying a more open discussion and women now have so many more options when it comes to looking after themselves. Millennium Wellness Centre is one such clinic offering their clients a philosophy of “live life better” and helps women to have a sense of wellness in areas where they might previously have neglected or just been unaware there are solutions and treatments for a huge range of intimate issues.

The founder of Millennium Wellness Centre in Sydney is the dynamic Melanie Parsons. Melanie built up her business based on providing hormone replacement therapy for both men and women and was instrumental in several studies relating to the subject. Melanie says, “I’ve seen first hand the huge benefits that hormone therapy can bring both men and women.” Melanie also gained a huge amount of experience in all aspects of women’s wellness after living in the US for over 14 years. Melanie brought her business back to Sydney, Australia last year. With a B.Med. Sci from the University of Sydney and a Masters in Applied Science (Chiro) from Macquarie University, Melanie has returned to her roots and helps women around Australia find and regain their intimate wellness.

Millennium Wellness offer the hormone replacement therapy that Melanie has been such a big part of in the US and their clinic offer the hormone replacement pellets that Melanie says help in the way of delivering consistent, healthy levels of hormones for 3-4 months in women and 4-5 months in men. “They avoid the fluctuations, or ups and downs, of hormone levels seen with every other method of delivery. This is important for optimal health and disease prevention. in addition, pellets do not increase the risk of blood clots like conventional or synthetic hormone replacement therapy.” It has been proven that menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes, are relieved with continuous testosterone alone. Melanie tell us, “Testosterone delivered by pellet implant is extremely effective therapy. In addition, it does not have the unwanted side effects of estrogen therapy.”

One of the most successful vaginal rejuvenation treatments that Melanie says they are enjoying a huge success with in their clinic to treat a range of issues is the Viveve. “The Viveve is a radiofrequency device that treats the vaginal tissue. It is inserted into the vagina and we stimulate the collagen. After 30 – 90 days the collagen will regrow which creates many great benefits such as increased satisfaction with sex, arousal, lubrication, ability to orgasm. It also helps with urine leakage – we’ve got great results with women who have that problem. The results we’ve had from women have been amazing. We’re actually doing a very large international study called The Liberate Study, with 100 women to look at the results over a 12 month period. But the results we’ve had already area amazing.” Melanie explains that the rebuilding of the collagen helps the vagina to regain it’s structural integrity which in turn assists it’s ability to function in all sense of the term. It brings the vagina back to a more youthful state and can help address many of the effects of vaginal ageing.

If you have any vaginal issues whether from menopause, childbirth and pregnancy, ageing or you just do… make sure you go and see Melanie and her team at Millenium Wellness Centre for a consultation to see how they can help you.

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