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12 August, 2022

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Off I went to Brisbane for my CoolSculpting treatment with only the knowledge of some brief discussions with the clinic and a colleague, some reading on the internet and even some views of the procedure on YouTube (as you do)!  But knowing that everyone has their own experience I couldn’t compare the experience of another to what mine was going to be.

I’m not an overweight person, nor have I ever been, however, I have had 2 kids (now 4 & 6 yrs old) and a pot belly (not to mention love handles to match) ever since and I’ve had trouble slimming it down due to injuries.  When I heard about the CoolSculpting treatment it was, in my mind, going to be the perfect solution.  So I was just excited to get there and find out how this non-invasive treatment was going to be a solution to my unwanted bulges!

We arrived at the BEAUTIFUL Clinic Aesthetic in Brisbane (headed up by Scott Ingram) where we met Lauren (the Practice Manager) and my therapist Fiona, who were both so lovely!

The first part of my appointment was a consultation with Fiona to ensure that I was a suitable candidate for the treatment. I had sent them photos of myself but it’s never conclusive until they see you in the flesh.  I was a good candidate, as I had bulges – LOL!  I was ready to get on with it – freeze away!

Fiona took a series of photos of me – these will be my “before” pics which will be good to look at in a a few months to see the difference.  She then used a template to determine the exact areas that were going to be treated and then we got straight into it.  Everything was explained so well, very informative during each step of the application and I was made to feel VERY comfortable – all the while being filmed by my gorgeous buddy for the day, our very own Nina Hill, I got the giggles about it. (Watch this space for a short video we are producing of my treatment.)

So the first thing was a freeeeeeezzzzing cold gel cloth onto my skin – this is to protect it from the freezing.  Once I regained myself from that, on went the vacuum machine.  Once the device was positioned in place Fiona said “are you ready? ok 3, 2, 1…..” and then my tummy was sucked up and held between the device’s cooling panels.  The sensation is a very firm pull and pressure, Fiona said I had “good tissue draw” – the polite term for “bulge” perhaps, LOL.  It takes approximately 7 minutes for the area to freeze and during that time I got a feeling of pressure and intense cold.  Once it was numb I felt fine.  It actually didn’t even hurt.  The treatment is 60 minutes so once I was made comfy I was left alone with visits from Fiona on and off during the time to check I was ok.  I spent the time on my iPhone catching up on some work.

Once the hour was up it was time to take the device off for “the reveal” as I was calling it.  Fiona had explained to me that my skin will be raised and might be a shock.  She would then have to warm it up by massaging it back into shape – a bit like pressing on play-dough – ha ha ha.

Yep it looked weird and I got the giggles.  I didn’t feel uneasy about it, I couldn’t even feel her massage it flat as it was so numb, in fact I had to check it was flat afterwards.  Once the skin starts to warm up it started to burn.  That was more painful (to me) than the freezing part.  It didn’t last long and once it subsided I took a loo break and it was onto my sides to freeze the love handles.

Well if you have sensitive sides like me and you are ticklish…….ha ha ha ha……..the cold gel cloth and the skin sucking up on the love handles was hilarious – it really hurt and tickled at the same time!!!  My whole body tensed up and I had to do deep breathing to relax down again, Fiona rubbing my leg “relax, relax, breath” and Nina laughing and filming me – oh it was funny but didn’t last too long and again it took approx 7 mins for the area to go numb and then it was just the pressure of the machine on me and the pulling but I was pretty comfortable on my side and it was easy to relax, I even tried to have a sleep but ended up on my iPhone again sending messages to my husband telling him I wont be back in time to collect the kids from school as it’s going to take a bit longer to get my fat frozen. Priorities! he heee

60 mins later all done, warmed up by massage on the area and over onto the other side I went.  Freeeeezzzzing gel cloth, device on, pain of suction, intense cold, body tensed up, breath, breath, breath – relax!  Phew.  Another relatively easy 60 mins went by and again ended with a warming massage to re-mold my skin and I was all done.

Fiona explained that I could return to normal duties/activities however I may experience redness, tingling and numbness in the area, but all very temporary.  She also explained that I may feel bloated and look swollen in the first few days and sometimes weeks after the treatment.  At some point in the first 2 weeks following my treatment I  may experience deep itching, tingling, numbness, tenderness to be touched, pain in the treated area, strong cramping, diarrhoea, muscle spasms, aching and/or soreness, but any concerns to just contact them at the clinic.

It was also explained that a general reduction in the thickness of the fat layer will take place and I might see changes as early as two to three weeks and the most dramatic results after one to three months.  The body continues naturally to process the injured fat cells from your body for approximately four months after the treatment.

I’m extremely grateful to have had the treatment and super excited to see my results unfold.  I can say that the whole experience so far has been pretty easy.  The procedure itself is not so much painful but uncomfortable.  If you have just one area to treat then 60 minutes is nothing, that’s a lunch break for most people.  If you do more areas like I did you have to be prepared for the long period you will be having the treatment for and essentially lying down in positions that over time become uncomfortable.  I started to become very uncomfortable on my right side as my hip began to ache.  That aside my experience has been great and I would recommend it to anyone considering it.

Watch this space for updates on my results and our little documentary of my treatment session.  For now here are some pics of me with the device on and one after it was taken off my side.  It looks like it would be sore but it wasn’t, just red from the freezing and numb.

Week 1 – CoolSculpting Recovery

So it’s been one week since my CoolSculpting treatment at Clinic Aesthetic in Brisbane.  It was pointed out to me that I could experience bloating and swelling in the treated areas, as well as a numbing sensation.  I was also advised that I may experience a whole lot of different sensations like deep itching, tingling, tenderness, pain, cramping, diarrhea and muscle spasms.

Yes I did get some of these sensations, more trips to the loo, deep itching, some tingling and cramping and very tender to touch the treated areas.  Hugs from my kids are at that exact spot of where I had my treatment – around my waist – and sometimes they would come out of nowhere and give me a huge tight hug and it hurt!!  I had to say “mummy’s tummy is sore” and the response has been “are you sick?”.  I did explain at one point that I had had a treatment to freeze my tummy and sides but they got confused and went on to hug me anyway – LOL.

It was too sore to go for a run last week so I was only walking but yesterday (day 6) I actually ran 4km’s and it was fine.  It is really good to keep up the exercise and healthy diet after the treatment as my body is detoxifying all the fat cells that were frozen and now dead.  Keeping my lymphatic system flowing!

I still look the same as I did a week ago but I am bloated and a bit sore, my tummy is quite firm to touch and I look slightly pregnant and have only been comfortable in loose clothing.  I did wear my jeans the other day but I didn’t last long in them as I was too tender.  It’s not until the two to three week mark when I should start seeing a change and my best results should be at the three month mark.

Week 2 – Coolsculpting Update

So it’s been two weeks since my CoolSculpting treatment and I can see a slight reduction on my sides but not yet my tummy.  My tummy is still numb and tingly and I get the occasional minor cramp.  Big improvement from week one as I’m not so tender.  Still a little too tender to wear jeans or anything tight around that area.

I still feel a little bloated and I have been pretty good with my “not too much fat” diet, although I couldn’t resist a piece of cheesecake after dinner on Sunday night!

People have been intrigued as to what CoolSculpting is and I’ve explained it how it is and then shown them the photos I took of my treatment and they can’t believe that a machine can just freeze your fat cells and kill them off to leave you looking slimmer!!  I say…..”me either!!!!”  But it seems to be working!


Week 6 – Coolsculpting Update

It’s been 6 weeks since my treatment and over the last couple of weeks my body has felt the same so I don’t have too much to report.  However, I can wear my jeans again as I don’t have any tenderness anymore so I was excited about that – I love my collection of jeans!

What I have been thinking about is that if anyone was looking for quick results they might find that CoolSculpting takes too long to see results.  However, everyone is different.  Some people might see results as early as the 3 week mark, and yes I can see a slight reduction in my love handles but not my tummy.  But I’m only at the half way mark, it’s not until approximately 3 months when my final results will be visible.

If you are patient and are happy to get the results over a period of time, I personally think CoolSculpting is a great alternative to liposuction or going under the knife for a tummy tuck.  Plus you are in and out, you could do it in your lunch break!

My diet has been good since my treatment, although I have had days where I have slipped a little bit and also forgotten to drink my 8 glasses of water a day.  I need to stick a note in the house as a reminder!  Why is it so hard to accomplish drinking enough water in the day??  I guess I make up for it with the amount of coconut water I drink, I’m absolutely addicted to fresh young coconuts, not the cans or cartons but from a real, straight out of the tree, young green coconut.  They sell them at my local shop and every time I go past I can’t help but have one – yum!  It’s sweet nutty water and they are full of vitamins, amino acids and anti-oxidants.  I always scrape out the coconut meat from inside and eat it up or put it into my cooking or drinks.

Anyway, I’m off to Clinic Aesthetic tomorrow for my treatment follow up.  I’m looking forward to discussing my progress with them and seeing the changes so far.

It’s been 8 weeks since my CoolSculpting treatment and I’m really seeing the changes now.  I’ve been keeping up with the healthy eating and exercise and I have managed to drink a jug of water everyday. By the way, it’s far easier to get through the recommended 6 to 8 glasses of water a day if you have a jug on your desk (if at work) and a small glass.  I have found it very easy to drink that jug of water than thinking about drinking 6 glasses a day and going to the tap each time for a refill.  I have Fiona from Clinic Aesthetic to thank for that tip – thank you!

So like I was saying, I have seen more changes in my body. The areas that were treated have definitely reduced from their original bulky size, more so over the last couple of weeks.  Some of my clothes are not as tight as they used to be.  I have to keep checking my body to remind myself how amazing the CoolSculpting treatment actually is.  The results are so good and I didn’t even have to endure any major pain to achieve it.  It wasn’t even a painful experience for me personally.  I would not hesitate for one minute to go back for a second time and I’m enjoying the whole experience, mainly because I have had changes in those stubborn areas that I’ve struggled to change with the usual health and fitness that is already a part of my life.

If I am feeling this good at week 8, I’m going to be feeling pretty good in another month when I come to the 3 month milestone when I see my true results from the treatment.

It’s been 16 weeks since my initial CoolSculpting treatment – ALREADY!!

I can’t believe the time has flown by so quickly and through that time the bulky areas I had treated have slowly reduced.  It has been a slow change but there is definitely a noticeable difference.

At the start of the warm weather I went out looking for a new bikini, and during that time I was really surprised how my body shape had changed.  My body looked so much better in a swim suit.  I got excited and ended up getting a new bikini and a sexy one piece with the sides cut out – yep that is me in the photo I have posted with this blog.  I know you can’t see much of me but you can see how smooth my sides are now compared to previous pictures I have posted.

I’m really thrilled with the results!

To compliment the treatment I embarked on a Paleo diet.  Well it’s not really a “diet”, it’s a healthy eating way of life.  I have been doing that for the last 4 weeks and have seen even more changes in my body.  The CoolSculpting made a huge impact and continuing with a healthy diet, exercise and drinking lots and lots of water has really been a great combination for my great results.

I’m off to Clinic Aesthetic next week for my final follow up, I’m really looking forward to it.  If you haven’t seen it already, you should check out the video created by Clinic Aesthetic which documents Dr Scott Ingram’s CoolSculpting treatment and his final results.  Here is the link:


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