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25 August, 2022

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About LightStim LED Light Therapy with Sandy From Lightstim

Trish: Hello, I’m here today with Sandy from LightStim. I’m going to talk about this fantastic, new handheld device, which helps to eliminate and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Thanks, Sandy.

Sandy: Thanks very much.

Trish: Tell us a bit about it.

Sandy: For me, the first thing, when I saw this device was how can light actually improve my wrinkles and give a more youthful appearance? I was amazed to discover that it was actually first discovered by NASA. When we think it’s not just a pretty, colourful, little light that makes us feel good, it’s actually a proven technique that helps to infuse the cells with enormous amounts of energy. Once it was discovered by NASA because they saw … they were actually looking at growing plants in outer space and what they discovered is that while this was occurring, they would find that wounds would heal more quickly, even musculoskeletal injuries had an improvement of 40% so it then went to the medical world and from the medical world, they used it on all sorts of cancer patients and retinal therapy for diabetics and jaundice, a whole range. It was when they were treating cancer patients that they discovered that their skin actually started to look better.

Trish: Right.

Sandy: Can you believe that? At a time when that would be the last focus that you would have.

Trish: Sure.

Sandy: The way it works is that we take all of the good elements, almost like the sun. We take wavelengths that are amber, light red, dark red and also add infrared. lightStim started producing these around about 15 years ago and once it was developed in the States, they went to great lengths to get FDA approval. I don’t know if you’re aware but FDA approval is not the easiest to achieve.

Trish: No, definitely.

Sandy: That means you can’t say this does something and it doesn’t do it.

Trish: Right.

Sandy: We have to produce clinical studies, not just before and after but clinical studies where you actually see the results prior to treatment and then post treatment. In little as 8 weeks, you can get some amazing results. You might like to have a look at some of those clinical studies that we’ve shown.

Trish: Yeah.

Sandy: As we said, the way it works is you simply apply it to the skin.

Trish: Touching the skin?

Sandy: Directly to the skin… because photons are quite delicate little elements. In fact, this is plugged into an electrical source and it requires electricity not just a battery because to transfer it from electrical energy into photons, there’s quite a lot of power that’s required. It’s not costly of course but the energy needs to be there.

Trish: How long do you leave it on for in that 1 spot?

Sandy: Each area is just 3 minutes.

Trish: Okay.

Sandy: For me, I like to do it while I’m watching TV.

Trish: Sure.

Sandy: I simply apply it for 3 minutes, there’ll be a little chime that says, “Move to your next location.” It just chimes so that means I go to the next then each of the areas of concern. For me, it’s my little crow’s feet around my eyes, on my forehead, my nose and labials and also if I’ve got any extra time, I’ll do it on my décolletage as well.

Trish: Great.

Sandy: This has the ability to actually stimulate collagen and elastin. We know collagen elastin is like the plumping action of elasticity but you’ll also find that because it has infrared which stimulates your circulation or the blood flow, when blood flow is stimulated, it actually then brings nutrients into the cells. All of the nutrients, it brings oxygen with it, and actually helps that cell to metabolise. Most particularly, it causes the stimulation or the synthesis of the collagen and the elastin.

Trish: You can just use it at home?

Sandy: Absolutely.

Trish: Fantastic.

Sandy: These devices are designed for home use.

Trish: Now how much are they?

Sandy: They’re retailing for just $289 and they have a 2-year warranty.

Trish: Yep.

Sandy: That means you might purchase a cream for not so much less than that.

Trish: Right.

Sandy: You will get so much life out of this device and even if you suffer with some aches and pains, for me, I miss my ACL and when my knee swells, I can put it on that to reduce the pain and swelling. Any aches and pains because of the infrared and the healing properties that this has, or if you’re someone who suffers a little bit of ache and pain you just simply apply it to the shoulders as well.

Trish: Fantastic.

Sandy: For me, every home should have one.

Trish: Yep, totally.

Sandy: Without fail.

Trish: I love it.

Sandy: If you have … perhaps you have young children or teenaged children and they might find that they have a few lesions.

Trish: Yep.

Sandy: Again, because of the healing power, you’ll find that that will also help to speed the recovery of lesions as well, because it’s healing. Anything that you can do. The other thing to remember when you do treat your skin with LightStim is that you should have completely clean skin.

Trish: No makeup.

Sandy: No makeup.

Trish: You can do it morning, night, any time at all.

Sandy: Yeah, for me, I do it while I watch TV but if you like to do it just before bed, that’s okay as well.

Trish: And how often would you do it?

Sandy: For the first 8 weeks, you really need to do it once a day and we suggest around about 20 minutes is the optimum level. When you think about 3 minutes per area, you cover your complete face within that 20 minutes. After the 8 weeks and you’ve got the nice improvement, then you can either choose to maintain that every 5-7 days a week or alternatively, you can just drop back to a maintenance level, which might be 2, 3, or 4 times a week. It can be at any time.

Trish: Thank you so much.

Sandy: My pleasure.

Trish: If you’re after one of these, under $300 it’s something you can have forever so just drop us an email at and we’ll organise to get one out to you. Thank you so much.

Sandy: Thanks for having us.

Trish: Thank you.

Sandy: Enjoy LightStim.

So if you’re after a LightStim just click here and purchase one now!

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