What is the Halo treatment?

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14 September, 2021

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HALO is a hybrid fractional laser that delivers both ablative and non-ablative energy to the skin, combining two different treatments that up until now were only able to be delivered separately. With fully customisable treatments the HALO can target skin damage and rejuvenation at the same time and be adjusted according to the patient’s requirements. Getting dramatic results with less downtime than traditional ablative lasers, the HALO treatment is able to restore a natural, youthful glow and reverse years of damage due to ageing and sun exposure.

What is the HALO able to treat?

Besides giving the patient a more youthful glow, the HALO is able to improve overall texture and tone. It is also able to treat:

The HALO is different to other lasers because it is able to target damage at different levels of the skin. It can treat deeper damage as well as surface damage – hence the more significant results and ability to do what other lasers do in two different treatments, or with two different lasers. It does this by combining two different laser wavelengths and projecting them into an ablative and non-ablative pulse. It is fully adjustable allowing the practitioner to change the settings to suit the individual patient and what damage they are looking to treat.

Every patient’s skin is different – different skin types, degrees of sun damage and exposure to different lifestyles and toxins. HALO can be tailored to treat each patient. While the HALO is most often used to treat the face, it can also treat hands, arms, necks and the chest area.

What does the HALO treatment involve?

While each patient has a different pain threshold, most patients describe the HALO treatment as completely tolerable with mild discomfort. Local anesthetic cream is applied to minimise any discomfort and the HALO laser also incorporates an inbuilt cooling system to soothe the skin as it is treated. The actual procedure takes between 15 – 30 minutes, depending on the area/s being treated.

What is the HALO downtime?

After a HALO treatment, your skin is expected to have redness, and this will continue for the first few days after treatment, up to 7 days depending on the intensity of the treatment. Swelling is also expected, however ice packs can help with this. Again, depending on the depth of the treatment, this can last up to a few days afterwards. Some pinpoint bleeding is also common, and the area will feel warm/hot for the first day or two after the treatment. You may also have dark spots appear – this is part of the healing process as your old skin dies and new skin regenerates. Your old skin will flake and peel off and new, shiny skin underneath appears. This is where the magic occurs and after a week or two you will see the results – and all the previous concern will melt away and you’ll see a more youthful, beautiful you underneath!

Your practitioner should explain the process to you, and make themselves available for you at every stage of the process so you can make the most of your HALO experience and get the best results.

The HALO is a great treatment to have in the cooler months, and erase any sun damage from last summer before this summer starts. To find a HALO practitioner go here


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